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Best clubs to check out in Budapest in 2018


Budapest is the new party capital of Europe and it delivers the best clubs available out there. It doesn’t matter what sorts of music you like, you will find something to your liking in the city. There have been great changes in the party scene, so we will give you a short rundown of the best available discos!

The biggest news in party papers was the fusion of Instant and Fogasház. The two great rivals of disco scene decided to merge and create the largest dance floor in Budapest. It has room for several thousands of people and delivers the best DJ sets. The place is particularly famous for the electronic and dubstep music selection, but there are eventual concerts too.

A place just around the corner is Doboz, also a major player in the nightlife of the city. The place gets very busy in the weekends with thematic parties and DJ sets delivered from all around the world. The building is also admirable, which has a large courtyard, ideal for summer parties. Doboz has numerous dance floors, so you will find one to your liking!

Everybody knows that Morrison’s is the place to be in Budapest. The franchise has several installments now, but the original Morrison’s Opera is the most authentic place. It was one of the first discos that opened up after 1990 in Hungary. A real cosmopolitan place that managed to become local and original. If you like their style, head for Morrison’s 2 next to Vígszínház to find more than 5 different dance floors and styles.

A true crowd favorite is the A38 concert and music hall. In fact, this floating boat is the place where you can find a party on weekdays too. The one of a kind atmosphere floating on the Danube makes a unique experience. It is one of the most innovative and unique clubs of Budapest with a great selection of international groups.

Visiting Budapest is incomplete without a proper party. Before that, bring your squad to a Budapest beer bike experience to get into the mood! There’s no better way of sightseeing than beer biking! Visit our site today to learn more!

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