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Bubble Football Budapest, Meet The New Craze

Budapest is full of exciting opportunities and new inventions in entertainment. Beer biking is a nice way to explore the city and enjoy cold beer with your friends. If you’re looking for a fun team building experience, try bubble football in Budapest! We will give you some reasons to bring the sportsman out of you!

Bubble football is a new sport that was invented when some people realized that zorb balls and football match together perfectly. Imagine that you play football but with more possibilities and moves that you never have imagined! The ball protects you from injuries and as it bounces, it will let you to try some wacky tricks you didn’t dare before.

As of the game, it follows the rules of standard football with the presence of a referee. Imagine that you can hop around the field inside a huge ball or play like a bowling ball to get through enemy defenses. These wacky ideas make bubble football so exciting. You can be certain that the referee won’t stop you for trying all of the above.

The main idea behind the game is to have fun and build a team, therefore it is ideal for a group of friends, coworkers and families. As in standard football, you have to work in a team, develop a strategy and show your skills to win. Here, you have more possibilities and you can think of some never-before-seen tricks to amaze the crowd.

Never played football before? No problem. Bubble football evens the odds, since all players have to get adjusted to the new environment of the game. From one side, it is a true sport where you need skills and stamina to score and defend, but on the other hand, it is a fun game where creativity can triumph over regular skills.

Are you in the mood to try bubble football? If so, go ahead and book your pitch today and get your team ready for the match. A nice training would be a beer biking experience where you can get your legs into shape for the match. Visit our site to find out more!

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