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Had Enough of Partying? Try This Instead

Budapest is all fun and games, but after too many long nights, everyone needs something that doesn't involve (way too much) alcohol. So if you want to try something else the day after pub-crawling or beer biking, we have a great offer for you!

Have you ever wondered, what is it like to shoot with real guns, but without any serious injuries? Or maybe you have already tried shooting and can't get enough of it? Then it's time to try shooting in Budapest, too! It doesn't matter if you are a first-time shooter or practiced it before, our shooting range awaits everyone. We provide safety training before and we give all of the safety equipment so your only task is to get the group together and join us on an unforgettable journey!

Yeah, we mentioned that it's mainly a non-alcoholic program, but if you're more like a scaredy-cat, we will provide one round of free beer for you. But if you think shooting will go better with a cold head, you can postpone it to the end of the experience. 

Shooting is mostly considered as a men's sport, however, it doesn't have to be like that! Sure, it's an ideal program for a stag do, but we encourage all the ladies out there to give it a try - or just grab your friends, and book your ticket for Budapest's best shooting range now. 

On our range, you can try out the most iconic guns, including the AK-47, the Glock 17 and also the Remington 870. Choose from various packages, including different (but great) guns and shoot with all of them. The shooting range awaits you with one round of free beer (we won't let it go to your head though), and we provide free transfer rides also from the city center.

Interested? Book now on budapest-shooting.com!


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