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Budapest sightseeing tips

Got off the plane, train or bus, just put your luggage down at your accommodation and you are ready to explore our lovely capital. Let us give you a few tips how to do Budapest sightseeing! In general, we can say that Budapest is not a huge but not a small city. It is quite walkable over here, but we also have a good public transport system. For a pleasant price you can buy single tickets, 24-48-72 hour or monthly passes as well from the wending machines at some bus and tram and at all metro stops. So either walking in the city centre or taking public vehicles is perfectly fine to see everything important.

If you feel like you would like to have some guiding and you do not want to look at your phone or guidebook all the time during your Budapest sightseeing, of course we have hop-on-hop-off bus companies operating in our capital. You can easily find their sellers on the streets of the inner city and purchase different tickets from them.

In case you would like to see the city on foot and listen to more detailed explanations about history, culture and the sights, it is a good choice to take a walking tour, there are many reasons why. First of all, you have a local guide, who tells you about the sights in a fun, educational and helpful way and they can also give you their honest recommendations about restaurants, pubs, clubs, museums and places to go. Reason number 2: travellers from all over the world come together on these tours and you can meet really interesting people, artists, professors, housewives, maybe from a country where you’re planning to travel next. It’s a great opportunity to collect useful information about your future destinations and to make new friends.

We are sure that either option your choose for doing your Budapest sightseeing you are going to enjoy our city, since it is a beautiful, historical and a more and more lively place

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