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Inspiring Biking Stories


Beer biking is all about having fun and admiring the beautiful city of Budapest. Don’t forget though that you will need to pedal and make a little effort to get around town. Well, beer will be there to relieve the stress! Before you venture on a beer biking trip in Budapest, listen to some inspiring cycling stories!

They say it is never too late to start. This is true for Robert Marchand, a Frenchman aged 106 today, is a record holder amongst centenarian cyclists. He learned to ride a bike as an adult and broke all previous centenarian records in the sport. Marchand used to be a lumberjack and a firefighter, so he had no prior training or experience in professional sports. At the age of 105, he managed to pedal 22 kilometers in an hour without a pause. We call this a true sports spirit!

Everybody knows that Los Angeles is the city of cars. Nobody walks in LA as you know! Nevertheless, cycling managed to conquer this gasoline filled town and made a real breakthrough. In 2010, a car free day was organized to introduce cycling to the locals. As a matter of fact, it was a huge success! Nobody ever saw the streets of LA filled with so many bicycles ever before. It has become a yearly celebration and now the movement is gaining traction, they’re trying to organize it every month. Hope they will succeed!

The story if Car Georg Rasmussen is also something you should take to heart. The former engineer, now retired, designed a bicycle called the Leitra, which is like a cockpit of a spaceship. Rasmussen used to plan gliders and aircraft, and he has a love for cycling that led him to create the so called Leitras. All of them are custom built and more than 300 were sold already. The inventor himself rides them and spends his free time on the countryside in his pioneering creation.

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