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Next Stop: Barcelona

Budapest is well known for its beer, its Beer Bike Budapest, as well as its pub culture, but what of its southern neighbours on the Mediterranean? If any intrepid explorer chooses to branch out and go beerbiking around the barrios of Barcelona, what are they likely to encounter? Maybe it’s just about time to exchange the goulash for some tapas, and the palinka for some sangria!

Just as a night in Budapest can suddenly become both spectacular and memorable with a trip on the Budapest beer bike, a great night in Barcelona can be made even greater by checking out the Party Bike Barcelona, which travels around the Las Ramblas area and introduces its passengers to fellow travellers, local sights, performances, and of course, beer.

There are also a number of pub crawls in Barcelona to choose from, and this goes some way to explaining what a fantastic party city Barcelona is! Sign up to any of the pub crawls and your night is sure to be a winner, complete with free drinks at the choiciest nightspots and the most colourful locations, rising to the heights of celebration – but hopefully not to the depths of inebriation!

Your pubcrawl in Barcelona will probably begin at a meeting point in the centre of town, where you will meet your guides who will take you around the bright and fun-loving centre of town, steering you clear of some of the dangers (such as pickpockets) and showing you the beauty and bustle of the place. As well as well-travelled guides you will meet new and interesting party revellers to accompany you on your escapade, ready to paint the town red – and all else that might come up over the course of the nightcrawl. Who knows where your night could end!

Pubcrawls in Barcelona include free drinks and VIP entry to a club at the end of the night, they often include freebies like a singlet or a wristband, and they generally cost between 10 and 20 euros. Not a bad deal for a night to remember! And when you’re back in Budapest, the beer bike will be waiting for you!

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