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The Three Types of Party People

If you have ever been to a party, you know that there is always a wild bunch of people present doing all kinds of crazy stuff. However, if you have been to many parties, a pattern in all this chaos will soon start to formulate, even emerge. You will notice the same-same, but different faces, doing the same-same, but different kind of craziness. It is a carefully orchestrated dance of the universe, where drunk fun amalgamates into an endless stream of joy and sorrow. Much like life!

The cheerful one

So what kind of bubbly types of people can you meet in a typical party setting? It is not that surprising, but you can always find at least one overly cheerful one. He or she is the heart and soul of every gathering, this person is the one to bring every social gathering to full force, and kick the party rocket into overdrive! Who will you find dancing on the tables after 2 am? Yes, the cheerful one!

The emotional one

This person is all about repressed emotions that bubble up after a couple of shots. Is that good or bad? Depends. If this person holds a lot of kind thoughts in his or her heart, the emotional outpour will strengthen friendships, energize relationships, and eventually, will give a greater sense of meaning to the night. If it's a lot of bad stuff that’s being held down? Hey, there is always someone to cheer up the emotional one!

The crazy one

Here’s to the crazy ones, the rebels – says the famous Apple commercial. And maybe they were not thinking about this archetypical party goer, but it applies well. You know all those party stories that you hold dear? Chances are, there is something utterly stupid and/or crazy happening in those stories, maybe even involving a beer bike, and it is always down to the shenanigans of this lad or gal. Cherish this person as you will be thinking kindly of these memories for decades to come!

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