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The History of Budapest’s Liget

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Looking for a little shade while beer biking Budapest? Go no further, Budapest’s enormous public park, the Liget will welcome you with lush greenery and hidden cafés. The great gardens are the green heart of the city. Here’s the story how it was built and developed.

Though not the largest park in Budapest, Liget covers an area of 1 km2 and has more than 6500 trees. In medieval times, this used to be the area where the nobles put up their tents for the national assembly. For centuries, it was a forest rich in game and provided an ideal hunting spot for the well-off citizens of the kingdom.

The first plans to build a park here were commenced in 1813, when the first walkways were established. The trees had to be replanted because the excessive hunting destroyed the environment, creating a huge swampland. Canals were built and the little pond was created. The citizens of Budapest contributed to the costs of the construction, so the park should be enjoyed by all classes of society. Since it is a few meters higher than the rest of the city, people escaping the icy flood of 1838 found shelter in Liget, saving many lives in the devastated city.

In the 19-20th century, the park grew and new buildings were constructed. By far the largest development was the Millennial year (1896), when the Heroes’ Square was finished along with the underground railway and museums. By the end of the century, it was the favorite leisure spot of citizens.

Liget saw destruction in World War 2 when several bombs hit the area destroying the great Exhibition Hall and several other buildings. History wasn’t always kind to Liget. The Communist regime built its little Red Square here, called Felvonulási tér (Parade Square) with a huge statue of Stalin in the middle. The freedom fighters of the 1956 revolution blew up the statue, as a symbol of oppression. The boots of Stalin stayed there for another decade, today exhibited in a museum as a remnant of a past era.

Liget saw Hungarian history happening from the first row. If you’re beer biking in Budapest, you will certainly bump into something memorable on your trip. So, don’t hesitate, just book your beer bike tour with us now!

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