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The Party Juice Behind Beer Bike Budapest

The partybike is equipped with a state-of-the-art beer drafting operation. Every beer bike tour we have is serviced by a major Hungarian beer brand called Arany Ászok (or ‘Golden Aces’), in this blog post we are going to dig deeper into the story of these so called aces!

Arany Ászok is a popular Hungarian lager beer, and can be found at most ruin pubs and bars of Budapest as well as the countryside. What makes this particular brand special to our heart? Made in the iconic Dreher brewery, Ászok is a smooth lager that has nothing to hide. Considered by many a ‘commoners’ beer, Ászok, with its soothing taste, manages to punch well above its league. Its golden colors, shining brightly in the Budapest afternoon sunshine, makes it an ideal open-air beer for romantic sightseeing activities such as beerbike riding!

Size Matters

Every bike we have is ready to handle up to 30 liters of Arany Ászok. Oftentimes we find, however, that most groups settle for the smaller option of 20 liters. Understandable, after all, a group of four will have a hard time drinking fifteen pints in a matter of two hours! While Arany Ászok may not have been designed with beerbike chugging in mind, it has been a formidable companion for hundreds of beerbike groups!

If you ever feel puzzled by the volume options, feel free to contact our helpful staff to figure out the perfect dosage for your beer bike tour!

About a Beer

Made from natural ingredients, the Ászok have been enjoyed by generations since its first debut in 1928. Nowadays Ászok serves as the affordable but lovable party juice of Budapest, finding itself yet another essential role in the Hungarian beer hall of fame. Arany Ászok is a great local beer that makes your beer bike Budapest experience one to remember!

Note: if you ever feel left out just because you do not fancy beer, remember, upon request we have a wide selection of wines and champagnes!

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