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The Perfect Beer Bike Music Selection

At the partybike headquarters we are well aware of the fact that creating the perfect beer bike party atmosphere is a unique challenge - one that we face every day. Even the perfect company of brothers and sister, a fine selection of beer and fun beerbike captain to steer the bike might not be enough on their own, one has to pay special attention to one last element: music.

Luckily, we’ve got you covered on this ground too! Our beer bike Budapest tours are all equipped with a handy stereoset, running from a sturdy battery. The best part? Since the stereo has an aux in port, you can easily hook up your own music, powered by a regular smartphone, so that you can too entertain your friends and passersby alike!

The perfect beer bike music

So what is the perfect beer bike music? First off, you have got to remember, riding a beer bike is a form of exercise, meaning that you have a team that has to perform, after all, those pedals will not be pushing themselves! When making your selection try to pick tunes that help this wonderful team effort, you have got to find something that is rhythmical, has a good beat! We want the whole group to push the galley forward, no freebies! However, picking something too dull and monotone can have the opposite effect! You have got to pick something that lifts not just your legs, but your spirits too. And that means hits. Popular radio hits that your group knows by heart.

So, all we need is a best of Avici tracklist and we’re done?

Well, yes and no.

Truth be told, it really doesn’t matter what kind of music you pick, the point is to enjoy your ride, and have your group know the lyrics by heart! And if that means yodeling, so be it.

Although please warn us beforehand.

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