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The Unwritten Party Rules of Budapest

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The art of beer biking in Budapest has a few secret rules that are good to keep in mind once in the city. To have safe and quality fun, we will give you a few hints to get the basic idea about the dos and don’ts of the Budapest party scene.

By far, Budapest is a very safe city without any risks to foreigners in general. Minor crimes, like pickpocketing and muggings do happen time to time, but no serious cases or attacks directed against foreigners have been reported. Of course, if you behave violently or without respect to the locals, you will get what you deserve, doesn’t matter where you are.

If you have a few drinks, you will eventually feel the need to let go of the unwanted liquids in your body, and a sudden urge will compel you to do so as quick as possible. Like in most European cities, public urination is not rewarded in Budapest. Police officers patrol the streets at night and you might end up with a significant fine for your disrespectful dealings. Just jump into a bar by the street, they will let you use the toilet for free, and it won’t cause you trouble or anything.

Another issue that arises quite often is the case of drugs and illegal substances. The possession and consumption of marihuana in Hungary is a felony with a possible 2 year sentence in prison. In practice, such cases rarely happen, but you don’t want to spend your time going to court in Budapest instead of enjoying yourself freely.

Hungarians in general are peaceful and welcoming people and they are interested in foreigners. Until you don’t provoke them, they will treat you nicely and with respect. However, there are some people, who are well versed in the art of scamming and will try to practice their skills with foreigners. If you feel you’re being invited to places you don’t intend to go, just refuse politely but firmly. Be extra careful with taxi drivers and people offering you strange substances.

If you keep yourself to these simple rules, you won’t have any problems in Budapest! Instead, book a beer biking trip with us and have a blast in the party capital of Europe.

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