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Things You Should Never Say to a Hungarian


Hungary is an amazing tourist destination, a country where you will meet many welcoming people, experience a thousand wonders, and will leave pledging to come back. However, just like with any other country, dealing with the locals oftentimes can make or break a holiday. Here is a short guide made by Party Bike Budapest to make your stay as memorable (and smooth) as possible!


Let’s cut right to the chase, and address the elephant in the room. Every English-speaking Hungarian detests this one, and while you might find it funny, thinking you are one witty gal or lad of thinking of this. You are not. A mere mention of this joke is enough to send shivers down the spines of us mighty magyars. Yes, we are talking about the Hungry - Hungary wordplay, or any of its variations. No you are not the first to think of it, and no, no one likes it. (Note: there is indeed a Hungry Hungarian restaurant in the city, but be assured, citizenship of its owner must surely be revoked by now.)


Another oftentimes taboo topic is politics. Funnily enough, after a few drinks locals do like to engage in political discourse, but it is safe never to initiate this, let the local begin the self-mockery. It is only polite.


Sticking closely to the subject, another touchy topic is the country’s history, which is a loose chain of political turmoil, oppression and tragedy. Trianon, the historic slicing up of the old Austro-Hungarian empire surely tops this list. This is where the old Kingdom of Hungary lost roughly sixty percent of its territory, and while this happened a hundred years ago, it left a grave mark on the national pride of many locals.


If you keep clear of these subjects, you will surely have a great time interacting with Hungarians. Remember, drinking is fun, and riding a beer bike is surely a fun activity!

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