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Tips for Getting Around in Budapest

Budapest has excellent beer bikes and mass transport system and the city is also easily walkable, if you prefer taking it slow. Renting a bike, taking a cab or Segway are also possible. Most of the distances can be covered in only 30 minutes thanks to the excellent network and connections. We present you a little guide to get your bearings in the city!

As a first and foremost point, we wish to highlight that the local transport authority, BKK, now has an online software available for smartphone that will guide you in the mass transport network. Download it before coming to Budapest to get the basics.

The easiest and probably cheapest way to get around Budapest is by using the extensive mass transport system. Although beer bikes in Budapest are not yet part of the network, we hope that one day we can make this addition for the benefit of commuters. The city has 4 metro lines that connect most important destinations and run until 12:30 in the night. The metro is the easiest, it stops at all important sights and you can change between most of them on Deák Ferenc Square. Tram line 4-6 is also a good choice, the line covers the city like a ring and intersects with all important connections.

Walking in Budapest is a lot easier than you think. You can easily cross the bridges and walk directly to most tourist attractions. Not to mention that you can get some amazing views while doing so. You only need a map and you will get the chance to discover the city’s amazing architecture.

Now it is possible to rent a bike in Budapest and pedal around the city. Well, of course beer bikes are there, but if you want to cover the whole city, look for the green markers where the bikes are available. You will need to register in advance to be eligible for the service.

Most people don’t know, but the transport authority and private companies have boat service on the Danube. You can choose from different lines and cruises, or even water taxis to take you around town.

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