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Top Beer Bike Party Accessories

Riding a beer bike is a fun experience on its own, but throughout the years we have found that many guests like to make their ride even more memorable through the use of funky accessories! Hen and stag parties are, naturally, the best at coming up with crazy costumes, but dressing up like a bunch of Smurfs is not enough! Here’s our list of the best beer bike party accessories!


In a previous blog post we have already listed the importance of having your best jams with you, but one cannot stress this enough! The bikes are equipped with a funky stereo that has an audio input port, you just have to bring your smartphone. However, do pack it up with your favorite tunes before you head out to the meeting point! Having your friends’ jams with you can be a world changer!

T-shirts and costumes

Right. While not all parties like to bring their A-game, we have seen our fair share of male ballerinas, witches and hobbits. The creativity of our guests never ceases to amaze us! While costumes are frequent, it is even more common to have people with special hen and stag shirts with them for their beer bike Budapest ride. Always a great idea!

Masks, balloons and much more

Others like to bring on their favorite toys, sometimes bordering on the publicly acceptable. Again, we have seen it all, from inflatable dolphins to, well, other inflatable things. Hats, masks, and everything in between is welcome!

As for the rest of your ideas - as long as it does not compromise the safety of your tour or break any of the basic rules, bring it on!

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