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Top Local Craft Breweries

A partybike Budapest experience is mostly about drinking and biking, which is, in our opinion, the best thing ever! However, if you are interested in a more delicacy-centered approach when it comes to beer, you should try some of the local craft breweries too!. Budapest has a rich history when it comes to beer. We have been making and drinking beer for over a thousand years. Lately, the craft beer industry exploded in Budapest and we have one of the best selections of microbreweries in Central Europe. Check out these craft breweries and see for yourself:


Ok, you can’t miss Léhűtő. Placed in Gozsdu Courtyard, it is one of the best bars in Budapest and it has some of the best beer. You can drink over 60 types of artisan beer and every one of them is worth the hangover you’ll get. The bar is quite small, but it is not too crowded and you can find a table. However, if you can, do make reservations.

Csak a jó sör

Here, you can find only good beer. It’s in the name, too. Csak a jó sör = only good beer! If that doesn’t sell it, maybe the 300 types of crafted beer that you can drink will be enough. The owner, Kővári Gergely has been brewing and drinking since 2009. He is also the quality inspector: he spits out all the bad beers and drinks only the good ones.


Élesztő is another great place to drink craft beer. Again, the name pulls you in and the beer makes you stay. This place features the best of the local microbreweries, and it is the place to go if you like your beer hoppy. The owner brews a lot of IPA beer and uses only top quality hops. This means that the beers have a high alcohol percent and can really deliver a punch. You can drink the local beer or choose from a large selection of 50 types of beer. The bar is in a cool ruin-pub styled location, perfect for drinking beers!

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