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Top Nature Spots Around Budapest


Budapest and its surrounding area is a true gem: there are so many things to see, infinite opportunities regardless you want to party, visit museums or spend some time in nature – or maybe all three. If you have enough time it’s better to choose one day to just rest, get on a train and enjoy the beautiful landscape around the capital. We collected a few places that are definitely worth to visit.

Lake Velence

You’ve probably heard about the biggest lake of Hungary which is lake Balaton, but lake Velence has a few major advantages against it. It is definitely smaller than lake Balaton, but it’s still the third biggest natural lake in the country. Its water is full of healthy minerals which perfectly regenerate the exhausted body and mind after a long party session in Budapest! Unlike lake Balaton it is less crowded - and did we mention that it’s just half an hour by train from the capital?

Danube Bend

The area of the Danube Bend is full of opportunities: you can enjoy a nice hike in the enclosing mountains, or if you want to, just catch a train to Zebegény and dip yourself in the river Danube on its beach. The area is so calming, there’s even a place called Dobogókő which was visited by the Dalai Lama himself! You can go by train or catch a bus to these places, or maybe rent a bike if you didn’t have enough pedaling on your Budapest beer bike tour!

Lupa island

Lupa is a tiny survivor next to Szentendre island. There were a lot of heavy floods that almost destroyed it, especially the one in 1945 which was the most devastating of all, destroyed all the houses on the Eastern shore if the island. The local people learnt to live with this dangerous natural phenomenon as they didn’t have another chance. Nowadays the island is calm and peaceful, as there were no major floods in the past decades. There’s also a wonderful and exclusive beach opened recently called Lupa Beach where you can have the perfect, most idyllic and relaxing rest of your life.

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