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What Makes a Party Pop?


Party time! It’s always great to spend fun times with fantastic people, but certain occasions are really marked in history for the monumental levels of enjoyment that guests were taken to. So what makes these times different? And how can we possibly replicate the conditions for the next party? There are a number of things to be considered, and a lot of it comes down to careful planning, as well as making the right moves at exactly the right time for bringing in those popping party vibes.


It seems crazy that those special occasions, such as birthdays, engagement or hen and stag parties, ‘congratulations on getting the new job’, ‘farewell’ and ‘welcome back’ parties should really make a difference to an event, but they really do! Even if the cause to celebrate isn’t really of such earth-shaking importance, the reason to bring people together will make the coming together all the more fun!


Something that may seem quite obvious, yet not to be overlooked, is that the people really make the difference. People are the party, and finding the right party people for the night is important, as is bringing the party out of people. Group dynamicsmakes a big difference to the experience, so think carefully the way you put people together – sometimes this takes careful planning.


What does every party need? That’s right – music! We can all turn on to some tasty tunes when we’re having a good time, and dancing is a good way to make the most of it. It’s a great skill to choose the right kind of music that reflects the feeling of a group of people at any time, and that’s something the best DJs have. But with some intuition it’s something we’re all capable of. Try it out!


A change of scene! We don’t want to stay in the same environments all the time, because it gets boring. We also need to try out new locations and new activities, such as beerbiking! With a trip on the beer bike Budapest, you can try a new activity while you’re changing your environment, and having a party at the same time – a winner all round!

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