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What to do After your Beer Bike Ride?

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The beer bike's route has been limited by the government. Please inquire about the new route in email. 


Party Bike is one of the most popular and fun way to explore the sights of Andrsássy street and the historic mansion district of Budapest. Drinkin beer on a bike is an activity that never gets old, but what about after? The two hour joyride of beer biking has to end at a certain point, so looking for other fun activities in Budapest is only natural! Here’s a list of top things to do after your beer bike tour!

Pub crawl!

Budapest is known for its emerging party scene, and one of the most fun activities (which involves drinking and is NOT in fact the beer bike) is going on a pub crawl! On a pub crawl, or sometimes known as a bar tour, you get to go from bar to bar and explore the best ruin pubs of the city. Highly recommended if you have no idea where to begin the exploration of the party district!

Hop on hop off sightseeing

Exploring the rich cultural and historical background of Europe’s seventh largest city is a must for all. Learning about Hungary, the local culture, and its people gives a unique insight to your trip, making it more memorable and valuable. The best and fastest way of exploring the city of Budapest is by taking a bus tour. Hop on hop off Budapest has some great packages to get you going!

Bathouses of Budapest

Budapest has a rich bathing culture, dating back to the Turkish times of the 16th century, with some basic ties to even Roman times! The hot thermal waters of the Buda hills are perfect for everyone, relaxing in the calming saunas and baths of the city of a must for all visitors. Check out either Széchenyi, Gellért or Lukács baths to see what all the buzz is about!

And if you ever run out of all options, remember, you can always go on yet another beer bike Budapest tour of the city! After all, drinkin beer never gets old!

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