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Where to Stay in Budapest?

When planning a trip to a fairly large city such as Budapest, it can be a little difficult to settle on the best place to stay. Which part of town should we go for? Which type of accommodation should we choose? These and a number of other considerations usually need to be taken into account before deciding on that perfect place in a dream location.

The first thing to be understood is that Budapest is really two cities: Buda and Pest. It was around 150 years ago that they were merged into one, but to locals there is still quite a difference. While Pest is calmer and quieter, Buda is the commercial centre and has more restaurants and bars. District I in Buda is close to the castle, beautiful and historical, while in Pest district V is along the river and a bit more upmarket. District VI has more of a younger vibe, District VII is the old Jewish ghetto and more hipster, home to the city’s famous ‘ruin bars’. District VIII is mainly a bit run down, while District IX is full of bars and cafes, dubbed the ‘craft beer district’.

Hostels – there are plenty to choose from for all kinds of traveller, from the sociable and partying Hostel One, to The Loft, a more cosy and homely hostel for those on a budget. Lavendar Circus and Full Moon Design Hostel top the lists for best hostels for couples.

Airbnb – this option does not disappoint, with many authentic Hungarian homes on offer. A comfortable room close to the national room for just £21, or a stylish apartment that sleeps up to four for the price of £26.

Boutique hotels – these are usually a little more expensive, but for that special occasion, it’s usually worth the extra. Among the more affordable is the Casati Budapest Hotel, a carefully-designed 3-star hotel for £45 a night.

Once you’ve found a roof over your head for the night in buzzing Budapest, an excellent way to start your night could be by taking a trip on the Budapest Beer Bike! A good clean session of beerbiking is always a fantastic and social experience not to be missed from the list.

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